A visit from Toshiba Lighting


April 2017

The marketing managers of Toshiba Lighting have visited our headquarter to present the new products that make up their range of lighting solutions and accessories and to share experiences with the sales department. Thanks to this visit, our professionals have learned about the company's international success stories and have been able to increase their technical knowledge about the luminaires we distribute.

The company has managed to position itself in the sweet spot by market volume at international level, with a competitive advantage based on its ability to provide all the necessary components that guarantee the high quality of its final product. All the luminaires they manufacture have passed the demanding tests they have been subjected to by external laboratories.

A 100% eco-friendly company

Since 2010 Toshiba Lighting has been undertaking LED lighting projects, creating a philosophy of light based on harmony between people and the environment and establishing a global culture that reduces the environmental impact of lighting.

The commitment to this purpose has allowed them to improve their technical capabilities and has made them an excellent low-consumption alternative to replace any type of incandescent, halogen or fluorescent luminaire. Unlike other current lighting solutions, LED products from Toshiba do not contain mercury and have reduced CO2 emissions, thanks to the energy savings they provide. For this reason, together with more than a hundred years' experience in lighting, Toshiba Lighting has established itself as one of the world's leading lighting companies most committed to the ecosystem.

Why choose LED lighting?

Every year, hundreds of new customers choose our LED lighting Toshiba.

To what do we owe this success?

  • LED products last up to 60,000 hours without maintenance.
  • They use 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  • They practically do not generate ultraviolet or infrared radiation.
  • They can withstand blows and vibrations.
  • We distribute a wide range of products in a multitude of sizes and colors.